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Managed Services in the NHS, Milton Keynes

Retinue invites Procurement Directors, Finance Directors or HR Directors to a complimentary breakfast workshop to review the latest proposals for managed services and VAT mitigation models in the NHS and share ideas on what works.

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Social Media and Your Talent Strategy - Featuring LinkedIn - Mayfair, London

This breakfast forum is for HR Leaders to discuss how to maximise the value and use of ‘Social Media in Your Talent Strategy’. With guest speakers from LinkedIn, this forum has proved to be very popular and insightful for guests.

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Demystifying RPO - Value and Risks Defined - Mayfair, London

With increasing pressure on the cost and quality of recruitment, over 1000 businesses in the UK will adopt an RPO next year. But is it right for you? Our breakfast forum will demystify RPO by providing the  facts, case studies and your options. This is also a chance to hear from RPO users.

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NHS Agency Staffing Managed Service

The benefits of implementing a Recruitment Managed Service for NHS Trusts are immediate and significant with the right partner. The procurement routes available to NHS Trusts and the VAT legislation surrounding medical locum agency supply however can be complex

Attending our presentation will give you an overview of Managed Services and the models that can implemented to deliver a number of attractive benefits.

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Social Media & Your People Strategy, Mayfair London

The third in a series of successful workshops, this seminar is designed for HR Directors or Heads of Talent. Retinue are delighted to welcome Linkedin as the guest speaker.

"The forum was succinct yet insightful and posed a number of questions that companies need to think about as a matter of some immediacy; most notably in relation to policy development on social media. Should you have the opportunity to attend a similar event I would highly recommend it." Andy Hanscomb, HR Director

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Retinue Bridge - NHS software

Retinue Bridge is a fully integrated web-based recruitment managed services platform, fully customisable for each client, and designed to carry the weight of all of temporary and permanent recruitment processes from start to finish.

Bridge provides a complete procure to pay solution from creating a vacancy, fulfilment either directly via your talent pool or staff bank or via recruitment agencies, to rate management, timesheeting, billing and reporting.

We optimise and streamline every stage of the recruitment process using a range of pre-configured templates and forms, automated workflows such as order distribution and approval through to supplier tiering and electronic administration processes such as self-billing for agencies and consolidated invoicing for clients.

With customised views by user type - rota coordinators, medical staffing, managers, supplying agencies and agency staff, the platform has been deployed across a diverse range of markets including the NHS, private healthcare, Local Government and financial services where compliance levels are stringent.

Leveraging a single interface to underpin the end to end processes for both permanent and contingent workers has huge benefits for organisations seeking: 

  • Optimised workforce planning and management
  • Access to the best talent through multiple channels
  • Improved visibility and control
  • Great customer experience for hiring managers and temp/perm candidates