Retinue Local Government was established in response to growing challenges within public sector organisations looking for a more flexible approach to the changing landscape within local government. Through Retinue’s supply chain, our team of specialists have a proven track record in delivering and implementing tailored solutions to local government organisations across the social care, IT, finance, legal and HR sectors.

In a very mature market dominated by the ‘one size fits all’ approach associated with master and neutral vendor solutions, organisations are currently facing a number of key challenges, including skills shortages, an indifferent perception of working within local government and increased opportunity within the private sector. Where organisations have viewed existing models as unsatisfactory, there have been a number of developments in master and neutral vendor solutions.

To meet the challenges experienced by local government, Retinue is committed to building an engaged supply chain to deliver service and supply improvements. We understand the additional value that can be added to an organisation by working with a specialist. Therefore we appreciate that working with highly specialised partners is essential in delivering large scale workforce solutions, centred on six core options:

  • Managed Services
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Blended Solution
  • On-boarding
  • Software Solutions
  • Value Added Services

Retinue Solution

Retinue offers a dynamic solution; a specialist approach to support local government organisations and solve recruitment challenges. Having a solution that is flexible, scalable and completely designed around your organisation produces an approach that places the right talent in the right position.

Due to the breadth of positions within local government, specialist roles require specialist recruiters. Our blended solution creates a flexible and unique approach to dealing with specific challenges faced. Tailored specifically to our clients and supported by a proprietary technology platform, Retinue appoints a dedicated account team to manage the entire recruitment process. This results in increased quality and safeguarding standards, whilst providing clients with efficiency savings and economies of scale.

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