Create best value through competition and supplier performance measurement.

The success of the Neutral Vendor model is largely dependent on the managed service provider being genuinely independent of all agency suppliers. By being distinct from the agency supply chain, Retinue removes the inherent commercial conflict of being both part of the supply chain and responsible for managing it.

Retinue’s independence means you can be confident the best operating model will be used across all areas of your recruitment spend to guarantee both quality and price.

From implementation through to business as usual, ongoing communication and service support is also critical to ongoing success of a Neutral Vendor managed service. As part of our implementation we deploy dedicated service resource that will be embedded in your organisation to ensure successful relationship management, strong stakeholder buy-in and immediate trouble shooting to relieve the pressure on your HR and operational teams.

Retinue’s Neutral Vendor managed service solution differs to other providers because we understand the critical importance of balancing people and technology. We provide a comprehensive blend of in-person, voice and online support to make to facilitate smooth service delivery.

Temporary supply chains by design, with no hidden agenda.

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