The Retinue operating model offers NHS Trusts the best blend of direct sourcing, via staff banks, and agency supply, via approved framework agencies.

Specialising in the provision and management of medical locums, we will always fill vacant shifts with the best value resource; focusing on the medical and clinical needs of the front line whilst optimising cost.

Our blended model takes a holistic approach to workforce planning, generating direct cost savings of up to 22% for NHS Trusts with no impact on continuity of supply.

We will provide you with:

  • Visibility and control of agency staff spend across all categories
  • Direct and indirect savings through better procurement, increased productivity and significant process efficiencies
  • Sustainable savings
  • Year on year incremental savings

Contact one of the dedicated NHS relationship management team today for more information on our blended model, encompassing staff bank and agency management, and an assessment of the direct cost savings we could offer your Trust.

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