Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The modern workforce is becoming increasingly specialised, with key individuals adding value to an organisation in their specific area of expertise. This presents a challenge for internal recruitment teams; how can they effectively recruit for a diverse range of roles, each requiring a different approach and their own unique talent pools?

Retinue is helping to address the heart of this issue with its customer, by supporting their internal recruitment function; we offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) tailored to what you require:


The entire recruitment process – from early planning to on-boarding – can be managed by Retinue.


Only specific stages of the recruitment process are managed by us. You can outsource as many or as few stages as you need, covering vacancies in single or multiple areas.


Retinue can handle the entire hiring process for a specific project.

Capacity Based

If your hiring needs tend to fluctuate, you can retain our services on an as-needed basis. This means you only make use of our teams – who we can place on-site – when your internal resources are stretched.

Retinue uses a combination of recruitment, data, technology and marketing/branding expertise to ensure that the recruitment of your talent is individually tailored to your needs, thorough, professional and lasting.

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