Retinue tailors its supply chain for each individual Trust that we work with, taking in to consideration the historic supply of agencies to each particular hospital.

We understand that each trust needs multiple suppliers but also to benefit from consistency to provide:

  • Better patient experience with regular high quality locums
  • Departments want the reliable locums who know them and their processes
  • Better pricing

We work with an optimum model of key tier 1 providers, with the ability to have different suppliers in tier 1 by specialism with multiple managed tier 2 & 3 agencies.

Retinue regularly assess and evaluate our supply chains performance against KPI deliverables to ensure that each trust is getting the most efficient and effective supply chain as possible. Whilst we recognise that changing suppliers every 3 to 6 months can be damaging, we also reward consistent quality suppliers with a promotion to a higher tier if they have performed above expectations.

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